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For more than three decades we have been committed to supplying Metro-area customers the highest quality of crushed concrete products. Our selection includes 21AA, large 1” x 3”, 4G and 6A, Crushed Ashpalt Millings as well as Crusher Sand – all part of our earth-friendly recycling process. We take pride in personalized customer service that’s second to none thanks to advanced scales recalibrated regularly by a certified scale company with Michigan Dept. Of Agriculture approval.

** All material meets current MDOT specs


Used as base material for commercial and residential projects. Approximate material specs: 1 ½” and down.


More pervious base material than 21AA, used for commercial and residential Approximate material specs: ¼” to 1 ½”.

Crusher Sand

Compactable sand used in correlation with concrete and brick pavers.

1” x 3” Large

Used as a sub base material for commercial and residential.


6 A

Pervious material usually used for pipe bedding and drainage. Approximate material Specs: ¼” to 1 1/8”.

Crushed Asphalt Millings

Used in asphalt maintenance to resurface roads, parking lots, and in residential and commercial paving.


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