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With over thirty five years experience in the Metro area, our goal has always been to provide our customers with quality crushed concrete products such as 21AA, large 1” x 3”, 4G, 6A and crusher sand.

Along with recycling, we provide our customers with quality products and personalized customer contact. Our state of the art scales are calibrated and maintained several times throughout the year by a certified scale company and approved by the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture weights and Measures Dept.

duane copeland

Duane Copeland

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Howard Copeland

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How We Started

Duane Copeland’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start recycling concrete over three decades ago with the goal of supplying Copeland Paving with the necessary materials. However as time passed the business expanded, evolved, and transitioned from generation to generation into something much larger than he could have ever imagined. Today, Novi Crushed Concrete not only supplies Copeland Paving but also serves as a reliable supplier of concrete products for countless other businesses and individuals with concrete needs. The Copeland’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has helped his business grow and become an integral part of the community, setting an example for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

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Great place for 21AA or 1×3 at a good price. The operators were professional and friendly.


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